IISD-CMI has introduced Innovative Programs on different thematic areas on Sustainability and De-carbonization for school students to share their knowledge and wisdom on Policy Guides by providing technical support. It aims to bring personnel and societal transformation in the course of Global Warming before it reaches catastrophic levels.

Sustainable School Program is designed to celebrate the 15 years of dedicated services by IISD-CMI and its credible contributions and scale up ambitions towards the vision of India@100. IISD-CMI has already conducted more than 8 School Programs in Hybrid Platform, where more than 10,500 students participated and the number is still rising from over 85+ Schools throughout the country.

Mode: Hybrid              Estimated Participation: 10500+                Estimated Schools: 85+

Startup India, Invest India & MSME

GSS 2023 has a special arrangement to award and recognize Startups in the sustainability space, where we will be launching an online joint program for Startups; in association with Invest India & Startup India.

This program will invite Startups across Pan India to apply for the awards as well as many accolades to be won, like cash prizes, incubation, and acceleration and Pilot opportunities and more. Inviting the hundreds of young companies, who are making a difference on ground, where we will shortlist at least 15 to 25 best innovations in products, services and technology category, in addition to allocating a National Award for the outstanding initiatives on Sustainability and De-carbonization space.

I Pledge

Every individual has different types of activities in their day to day life; generating huge amounts of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, contribution towards Global Warming; by means of their own Carbon Footprints. In this context, it is extremely important to be conscious and lead a climate friendly, low carbon lifestyle, by adopting sustainable living practices.

I Pledge is a unique initiative to bring people together, from all walks of life and make a significant impact, change people from their present Lifestyle habits, into best possible Sustainable alternatives, of the time. The participants, who will have very sincerely taken part in this initiative, from pledging stage to sharing all the facts & figures, relating to their own monthly action taken, till the end of the year; will be finally awarded with a Certificate, having a mention of the Total Carbon- Emissions; he/she could be able to reduce and thereby contribute against Global Warming to save the Humanity. We will be using UNFCCC’s Carbon Calculator in the Process and ultimately to Declare all GHG Emission Reductions, through this I Pledge Campaign of IISD-CMI at the end of the year, Where all Of the Positive impacts of this Campaign will be made Public, year wise, with verifiable quantitative assessment figures, along with their fact sheets at Our Website.

Certificate Course Program

Environmental Concerns have profound impact in the lives and living of all Global Planetary Citizens. Since our Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions are geometrically increasing day by day; Global Warming has posed a severe threat for human survival.

The western wasteful consumerism lifestyles and mindless culture; in addition have also severely impacted the natural resources reserve of this Planet. This is high time every Citizen on this Earth is concerned to adopt Sustainable Lifestyle Habits to ensure the Planet; a better place to live in. Carbon Management has become inevitable today. No One can deny Carbon Management is one of most influential and Key indicators, in the sustainability space. Considering the demand of the market, individuals, government policies, industrial leaders’ urgent necessity, and conversion of knowledge from the world of academia & research to real word implementation; IISD-CMI has planned 2 Days of above Certificate Course on Carbon Management to bring all the relevant professionals, under one platform to equip the learners with adequate skills to achieve professional Proficiency in these subjects.

Certificate Course Program

Considering the urgent Demand of the Market, Individuals, Government Policies, Industrial Leaders; IISD-CMI have planned 2 Days of Intense Certificate Courses to bring all the relevant Professionals, under the umbrella of a single platform, to equip the learners, with adequate skills to achieve a higher level of Professional Proficiency in their desired area of specialisation.

IISD-CMI have organised thirteen such Certificate Course Programs, right from July, 2008 till today, where more than 1700+ National and International Professionals are trained and nurtured, having the highest level of Professional Strengths and  Capabilities; making both the Institutes, Proud at Global level.

On the occasion of 15 Year Celebrations as well as organisation of Global Sustainability Summit 2023 (GSS 2023); 2 Special Certificate Courses on Carbon Management and Sustainability Reporting, are taking place at New Delhi on 3-4th March 2023, at India International Centre ANNEXIE, a powerful Certificate Course on ESG, BRSR and Sustainability Reporting is Open for Registration; for 55 seats right now. This Certificate Course is in Great Demand after SEBI mandated the Business Responsibility and Sustainable Reporting (BRSR), for the Public Limited Companies; trading in Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE).

To know more about Course Registration; Please Visit our Web Page

Pre-Summits to GSS 24

Before The Global Sustainability Summit (GSS) 2024; Like last year, there will be Few Pre-Summits will be organized in collaboration with Reputed Credible institutes form different parts of the country. 

Those who are interested Institutions, Universities those who are interested are requested to contact earliest possible

Program Agenda

The Tentative Session Plan at

Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 18th – 19th September 2024

The program will be a powerful one, where most Dignified and Distinguished Policy Makers from Government, Ambassadors of Key Diplomatic Missions, Top Industry & Business Leaders, Academicians, Researchers, Scientists, Start-ups, Women Leaders & Youth would come together in this high-profile program and share their thoughts on Sustainability and Decarbonisation & Pro Active Actions to be undertaken for making the Planet more Liveable.

GSS 2024 will start rolling from 18th September, through Online Platform for 2 Days. However the Physical Program to the Main Event on 19th September 2024 at Plenary Hall of the Vigyan Bhawan. This Summit is driven by knowledge where the leaing Thought Leaders, Prolific Thinkers, Policy Makers, Event Diplomats, Industry & Business Leaders and Distiniguished Academicians and Technocarts including Women and Youth Leaders will Participate from Nooks and Corners of the Globe.