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The IISD-CMI Membership is Considered an Esteemed and Internationally Renowned Membership in areas of Sustainability. It is the most credible and highest Professional Recognition in the field of Sustainability and Decarbonization. Applying for this Membership will provide you with many benefits, including Acknowledgment of your expertise, and Free and Discounted access to Institute Programs and Conferences. This type of Membership structure is practiced in American Research Institute, where as our Institute largely follows those kind of system and probably the only Sustainability related Institute in India having opportunities where basic objective is to offer Best Facilitation to its members for their continuous Professional Development so that they can lead and compete with other professional practitioners and always position themselves in the Forefront.
You can Download the Membership Guidelines and Application Form here.

Share Your Any Last 15 Year's
Memory of IISD-CMI

IISD-CMI Collective is compiling a collection of Memories of their last 15 years. The Memories can be in any form (e.g., anecdotes, letters exchanges, photos, communication, videos). Every small remembrance of any important past historic matter greatly matters to us. We are soliciting inputs, which will also feed into an “Archival Collection” to honor IISD-CMI’s last 15 years legacy.

Archival Collection

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